Brilliance By Design - Faux Finish & Paint Restoratio
Brillianceby Design - Affordable Counter-Top Re-Surfacing

Photos of  Faux Finish & Paint Restorations Completed By
Brilliance By Design.

Services we offer are the re-painting of woodwork such as doors, windows and trim. Along with painting kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Faux finishes of color washing, strie, old world faux and bling with paint crystals.

Donna Bauer
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BathroomBathroomBefore AfterGreat Room
KitchenVenetian Plaster~ Faux Finish3~Dining Room~Decorative Paintingbrilliancebydesignbrilliancebydesign
4~Existing Vinyl Floor~PaintedFaux Finish~  Floor9~ Brilliance By Design's Decorative PaintingBrilliance by DesignBrilliance By Design ~ Des Moines, Iowa
9~ brilliancebydesign : Painted Walls ~ Brilliance By Design of Des Moines, Iowa Rejuvenated Great Room Great Room comes alive with a fresh coat of paint to the ceiling and walls provided by Brilliance By Design
Brilliance By Design's Decorative Painting of IowaBrilliance By Design's Decorative Painting of Iowa Decorative Faux FinishComplete Kitchen makeover including cabinet painitng, walls and resurfaced counter-tops We painted this hall and stairwell with a bright pop of color!
Cabinet PaintingBefore-Paint RestorationAfter-Paint RestorationBeforeAfter
Before After : kitchen cabinet re paintedbrilliance by designbrilliance by design
brilliance by design paint crystals : Cabinet PaintingBrilliance b Design